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Beauty Corner: You’re engaged what’s next!

Beauty Corner: You’re engaged what’s next!

Congratulations! You’re engaged, this is such a beautiful time in your life and you just can’t stop staring at that beautiful ring on your finger and being thankful for the sweet man who gave it to you. The question that hit many couple within 24 hours of being engaged is ‘what’s next?’ Although many people know it means planning for the biggest day of your life they still wonder what to do first. At this point it’s hard to know what is really important and what could wait.

Especially when people begin to pop questions like: When’s the wedding? Have you picked a date? What’s your wedding color who’s taking the photos/doing the ceremony music/making the cake/etc.?


Here’s what you do next!                                                     Part 1


1. Tell your family and friends: You don’t want them to find out about your engagement on social media before you tell them. So introduce your fiancée to your family and friends so they can also be part of your celebration.

2. Take your time and be inspired:  Don’t be in a hurry to start planning the wedding. Take some of the questions that comes to you and begin defining the overall “style” you would want the wedding to be.  Now, before you dive headlong into Pinterest, instagram and magazines for pictures, look inward first for your inspiration. What kind of wedding will you want? What unique qualities does your relationship have that can be incorporated into the wedding? Do you love camping or picnics? Are you a traveling addict or an in-door person? Maybe an outdoor ceremony in a garden or tent / hotel would be a meaningful location to get married. Did you meet in a unique way? Perhaps aspects of that fateful meeting can be incorporated into your décor.

3. Decide on when you want to get married: Knowing when you will like to get married will enable you to schedule your plans well enough. It will guide you on the things you need to buy now and those that can wait till the wedding period.

4. Set a Budget: This is one of the less fun parts of wedding planning, but very important. Figure out whether you and your fiancé are paying for the entire cost of the wedding or your families are helping? If others are contributing, you’ll want to have these necessary conversations with them earlier so that everyone will be on the same page. All the same you need to have a realistic budget which will help you determine your next steps in what venues, gowns, vendors, and décor to look for.

5. Set a tentative guest list: One mistakes many couples make is not making time to write down the number of expected guests for their wedding ceremony. They assume that the few people they know are the same people who will turn up. After all who goes for a wedding they have not been officially invited.  In the end, it turns out the guest that show up are either too small or too large than the couple expected. Taking time to prepare a guest list gives both the couple and the planner room to better prepare to cater for everyone invited.

6. Speak to a planner:  At this point there’s still so many ideas of where to get what ,what colors and themes you should go with. Speaking to a planner , it will help you in deciding what’s important to you – vendor wise. It saves you money as well as bring your vision to life.

7. Enjoy your engagement: Planning a wedding can be stressful You’ll be surrounded by lots of people and ideas for the next few months so make sure to spend quality time with each other .Go out on a date with your fiancé. Leave the phones, planners and wedding ideas behind and spend some quality time with the love of your life! Get a massage, go on a hike, hit the dance floor or enjoy a quiet dinner. The important thing is that you’re together now! Simply enjoy each other’s company and remembering why you want to get married in the first place.