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Dress Etiquette

Dress Etiquette

Dress Etiquette

The way you dress communicates to the people around you. It tells them what you think about yourself, whether you feel attractive, how you feel about a man, how much you respect your body and probably what kind of person you are.

A person who dresses sloppily to work will make her boss think she doesn’t think her job is important. And it’s a good bet that she probably doesn’t.

Dress etiquette also means to have good posture.

It is a challenge to look elegant with poor posture, despite being impeccably groomed. Good posture contributes to poise. Don’t we all always admire a lady with perfect poise? Elegant and perfectly poised equals instant sophistication.

Professional Dress Guidelines

  • clean, neat & wrinkle free clothes
  • Mild perfume
  • Appropriate length of skirt

Never go over the top. (Too much make up, jewelry, too casual, too low cut blouses). Clean and neat attire which include shoes, appropriate to the activity or event.

By. Liricila

Beauty Expert

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