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The Municipal Directorate of Ghana Education service in the Lawra Municipality today organised a School Performance Appraisal Meeting in the Municipal Assembly hall inviting all headteachers, some selected teachers, chiefs and sub chiefs, Assembly members etc.

The acting Municipal Director Mr Limann delivering the opening speech among others touched on the need for the meeting.

He stated that, statistics in his office clearly shows that, the performance of students in the Municipality especially in the BECE for the past years is nothing to write home about though it improved a little in the last Examination.

There is therefore need for the Directorate, the Municipal Assembly, the teachers, chiefs, parents, opinion leaders and the students themselves to sit together and digest to find out the cause of this problem and find solutions or ideas to improve the results in the Municipality he added.

He explained using a widely spread WhatsApp video where two students were fighting in a class during lesson hours but the teacher ignored them with the reason that, GES has sent out a circular stopping teachers from caning students or disciplining students.

He used himself as an example how he caned students in his class when he was in the classroom teaching and still, they liked him because that caning has made many who they are today and he could pin-point about three of his pupils who are now trained teachers and some now occupying respectable positions in the society.

He added that, GES is not stopping teachers from been responsible and discipline, but stated that, his office is against the idea where teachers sit in staff common rooms and under trees during classes hours and when idle students start to make noise, the teacher rush into the class with a huge cane and start to lash them.

He emphasized that, these are the sort of punishments or caning his office is against and not student discipline in general.

Mr Limann praised the teachers in the zone for the rate at which they have reduced teacher absenteeism and the rampant request for permission to leave the classrooms to attend other equally important issues.

He said the statistics has reduced drastically and he encouraged them to keep it up.

He added that, the pass rate for the last BECE has increased a bit looking at the statistics and attributed it to the seriousness of teachers, the students and support the students received from the Member of Parliament Hon. Anthony N-Yoh Abayifaa Karbo and the Municipal Assembly in organising a fully sponsored Counselling classes and one free meal per day for the candidates in the Municipality though not enough.

He appealed and encouraged them to keep it up.

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