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NAM 1 has fled with my MenzGold investments too – Bulldog ‘barks’ from Moscow

NAM 1 has fled with my MenzGold investments too – Bulldog ‘barks’ from Moscow

Artiste Manager of Zylofon Media, Nana Asiamah Hanson alias Bulldog has disclosed that aggrieved customers of the gold trading hub, Menzgold aren’t the sole persons with locked up money following the crises it’s been hit with.

He disclosed that he and his family are gravely affected as a result of they conjointly invested with within the company and have since not been ready to recoup their investments in view of the challenges they find themselves.

“Listen, we are all customers of Menzgold. I have a lot of money in there, I have friends who have money in there, I have family who has money in there….I have big boys who have money in there and have people who are in power who have money in there”, he disclosed on a Facebook live streaming from his hideout in Moscow.

According to the Chief executive officer (CEO) of Bullhaus entertainment, some of the aggrieved customers invested based on his recommendation however find themselves in a rather unpleasant situation.

“It is very sad if you look at it and confusing as well”, he said.

In his view, shutting down Menzgold by persons who never regulated it in the first place was the reason behind the matter accusing the government, Bank of Ghana and the Securities and Exchanges Commission of meddling in matters that do not concern them.

Bulldog took a jab at the current New patriotic Party (NPP) administration as a mess revealing it run down the company by describing it as a Ponzi scheme causing panic withdrawal.

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