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You’re engaged what’s next! Part 2

You’re engaged what’s next!  Part 2


Here is what you do

I have seen so many brides run straight out and ask all their friends to be bridesmaids, buy a dress, and book their date before they’ve even had time to get a full picture of their wedding day. When you do this you might find that you rushed into some choices a little too quickly! Unless you know for certain that you are getting married in only a few months, I recommend that you sit back, enjoy being engaged, and avoid making any final decisions for at least three or four weeks after he pops that question.


  1. Decide what’s important to you – vendor wise: You don’t need to call every vendor you see on instagram just because many people have used them for their own weddings. First think of those you know in person or whose work you have seen before. Be sure to discuss this with your planner and get his/her opinion before you do any booking.

  1. Select your venue: Quite recently, wedding venues have become hot cakes. People book their wedding venue as early as a year before the ceremony. So based on the wedding theme you are considering, speak to your planner so you can decide on a suitable venue that will enhance your décor as well as make your guests comfortable. We will talk about what elements you must consider when deciding on your wedding venue either for the ceremony and / or the reception.

      3.Create a weekly tradition for just the two of you: In as much as planning is ongoing, find time to create weekly traditions that can help the two of you to keep building on your love. This is still necessary because you must prepare for the marriage itself much more than you prepare for the wedding which is just a day’s event. Your weekly date to a restaurant, park, or beach will give you an opportunity to discuss the details of what kind of family you would want to build for each other.

  1. 4. Have fun! : This involves NO wedding planning, but just simply enjoying each other’s company and remembering why you want to get married in the first place. Enjoy your engagement! Planning a wedding can be stressful (probably more so for the woman), and stress can take over the relationship if you forget to take time for each other and put the wedding plans aside for a little bit. But ladies keep this in mind, as excited as you are to address those announcements, the men just aren’t feeling it. It doesn’t mean they are not happy to be getting married to you. That’s just how they flow with it.


By: Efia Kyeremaa – Wedding Planner                         

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